James McIlroy BMedSci (Hons), FRSACEO

In 2011 James went to the University of Aberdeen to study Medicine (MBChB). After successfully completing three years of medical school his academic attainment (top 10% of the class) won him a scholarship allowed him to go to the University of Edinburgh to undertake an intercalated BMedSci (Hons) degree with honours in Physiology.

Over the course of his time at Edinburgh developed a deep interest in entrepreneurship, biotechnology and healthcare innovations. This interest led him to found EuroBiotix at the age of 21 after identifying the unmet clinical need for safe access to FMT within European hospitals. In 2015 James graduated from the University of Edinburgh with upper second class honours.

James has led the company to win awards at competitions such as Scottish Edge and the Converge Challenge, raised significant sums of non-dilutive funding, led the company through an equity round, and formalised and raised finance for a number of high-profile research collaborations,.

He is a contributor to Scottish Government’s policy on supporting Social Enterprises and has presented evidence in the Scottish Parliament to the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee. James has also presented evidence to the Deputy First minister on commercialising research in Tertiary Education.

James is the only medical student to be awarded a prestigious enterprise fellowship at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and is one of the youngest Elected Fellows of Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. James is also a guest lecturer at the University of St Andrews.

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