Roger McIlroy BSc, M.Eng, MIE, CEngCompany Secretary

Roger McIlroy, a Chartered Engineer, is a graduate Heriot-Watt University with a Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering. Roger has extensive project management and general management experience, covering over 40 years, with roles in FTSE top 10 companies, including Shell and BP. His teaching expertise has taken him around the world and he is currently teaching at Aberdeen University, and in the past, was voted top visiting professor at Stanford University.

Roger is a trained facilitator in the process to optimise project delivery along with being a trained facilitator in optimising operational activities. These skills have been used to manage organisations units with over 150 staff and budgets exceeding £100 million per annum.

Roger has also strong life science interests, and has been an author of eight books in this field.

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