Not all bacteria are bad

We’re a multi-award winning biotechnology company that was established to support doctors treat patients with helpful bacteria

Who are EuroBiotix

We’re a multi-award winning socially conscious biotechnology company that was formed to support doctors treat a wide range of diseases by tapping into the power of the bacterial populations flourishing inside the human gut.

Our immediate aim is to support doctors and NHS hospitals deliver a medical treatment called Faecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) through the provision of standardised unlicensed medicinal products.

Our long term aim is to develop a suite of tools and technology that allows doctors to take a more personalised approach to FMT.


Our Vision

We believe that the microbiome is the next big frontier in science and medicine. We founded EuroBiotix to translate innovative research in the field of human microbiome science into applications that benefit human health. Our vision is to become a leading socially responsible biotechnology company delivering outstanding products to doctors and hospitals around the world.

Our Team

Our compassionate team combines expertise across science, academia, regulatory affairs and industry. We’re unified by the mission to advance scientific research and improve the lives of patients.

Contact Us

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