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What We Do

We formed EuroBiotix after recognising that NHS clinicians that wish to perform a medical treatment called Faecal Microbiota Transplantation (also known as FMT or a stool transplant) are faced with a number of difficulties.

One difficulty is that because there is no national donor registry, it can be hard to source suitable donors to donate samples for the treatment. A further difficulty is that doctors often have to process the samples themselves, which is time consuming and inconvenient.


How We Do It

Our immediate aim is to reduce the costs and inconveniences currently associated with providing FMT by manufacturing unlicensed medicinal products that doctors can use in controlled settings. Our long term aim is to develop a suite of tools and technology that allows doctors to take a more personalised approach to FMT.

We are passionate about furthering scientific research into this important field of science and we have established a number of formal research collaborations and an Independent Scientific and Medical Advisory Board to support us on our mission.

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